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nhjgjkljklg [Nov. 7th, 2004|02:35 pm]
Classic Rock Junkie
[mood |blahfugly]
[music |Brown Sugar--The Rolling Stones (This song is great!) :-]]

|*Bathroom Stuff*|
Do you like to shower, or take a bath?: shower
Do you use shower/bath gel or just regular soap?: soap
When at a friend/stranger's house, do you sometimes feel weird going to the bathroom? yes
Poop is funny, right?: it's disgusting
Do you find yourself peeing a lot?: no
Do you shave?: yes
How long does it take you to shower?: depends
Conditioner? Or just Shampoo?: just shampoo
|*Random-ish ness*|
Do your friends find you weird sometimes?: yea
Do your friends think you have odd taste in the opposite/same sex?: HELL YES..Silvie and her Jesus-ish men.
If yes, name 3 people[famous or not] that you find attractive?: 1. Jimmy Page (I'd tap that) 2. Jim Morrison (I'd tap that dead corpse! lol) 3. Robert Plant (I'd tap that) (and Jude Law and Johnny Depp..:])
Do you ever/have you ever laughed for no reason at all for a long time?: it's always for a reason
Do you like the color purple?: yea
Do you think you have any influence on others?: yea
Would you ever hump a tree at night while hanging out with your friends. . just to make them laugh? Cus you're weird like that?: been there, done that.
|*This or That*|
Golf or Football?: neither
Baseball or Hockey?: baseball
Blondes, Brunettes, Redheads?: any
Mint Chocolate Chip Ice cream or Cappucino?: Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream!!!
Hanson or Def Leppard?: Def Leppard?
John Mayer or Michelle Branch?: John Mayer?
Star Trek The Next Generation or Star Trek Voyager?: Dunno
MacGyver or Murder She Wrote?: Duno
AOL or Death?: AOL?
Person you feel most comfortable with/talking to?: Dunno
Person you'd have a sleepover with?: no one..I don't trust you lesbo's.
Person you'd fight a rabid dog for?: Very VERY few people.
Favorite color?: violet and I dunno
Favorite singer?: Robert Plant
Favorite bands or groups?: Led Zeppelin
Favorite Tv Show?: Too many
Favorite Show as a kid?: Bill Nye The Science Guy, stupid cartoons, etc.
Favorite place?: dunno
Favorite present you gave someone?: dunno
Favorite pet?: dogs
Do you like anyone?: Not really.
Do they live near you?: Read above.
Have you ever been in love before?: Nope.
Age ain't nothin but a number?: No.
Do you believe in 'internet' relationships?: No.
Do you believe in the pyschos the news always talk about.. being on the net, trying to kill people?: Yea, it's true.
Do you believe in 'waiting for what you want'?: Yep.
Do you believe in love at first site? Honestly?: HELL NO. That's the biggest bunch of bullshit ever. But I do believe you can be attracted to the way someone looks at first site.
Do you believe in "everything happens for a reason.. It happens whether you want it to or not"?: Yes.