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wooo [Nov. 4th, 2004|03:35 pm]
Classic Rock Junkie
[mood |blankblank]
[music |Back In Black--AC/DC]

Today the lunch wing was fuckin awesome.

Silvie brought her elec and her amp, Jiss brought her elec, and Camile brought her acoustic (she let me play even though I'm not half as good as Silvie or Camile).
It sounded really pretty when Silvie and Camile were playing Stairway to Heaven.

And it was cool, ya know, everyone was staring at them. Fun.

The people in the anime club are shit talkers. Hahaha. I'm gonna get them kicked out. Fuckers.

Now Nicole is trying to persuade me into staying after school with her.

Today the Crown and Capers was cancelled because of some stupid teachers that don't know how to quiet down their classes or read a map and this bitchy lady.

Today it was like school was never going to end. It was hell. Mr.Shcmit's class. AHH. Torture. Me and Ari finsihed our parts but this chick, this black guy, and some slacker ass kid (which according to Ari is retarded) are lagging so far behind. It's pisses me off. This project is worth a lot.

Ok, I have nothing else I can remember to say. Bye.